“I want to thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us about sex trafficking indicators and Guardian Group. It is amazing to see groups like yours bringing awareness to this rapidly growing epidemic and see how many people stuck around to ask questions and increase their personal awareness. As a patrol officer, I would love the opportunity to expand my knowledge on this topic. In my career I had a situation where me and my fellow officers lack of knowledge on this topic caused us to miss an opportunity. We had enough probable cause to get a search warrant and we would have found eight to ten juvenile females that were chained up and being drugged. This is a feeling that I never want to feel again, which is why I seek training when the opportunity presents itself.”

We continue to move forward in our goal of establishing Bend as a Silver Standard Sealed City by January 2019.

Silver Standard Requirements:
  • 50% of Law Enforcement Trained to recognize human trafficking
  • 100% of the CSEC Response Team Trained
  • 50% of Hotels Trained


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