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It’s no longer a back alley or rundown motel crime. Whether in big city shopping malls or small-town ice cream parlors, traffickers are on the lookout for the vulnerable no matter their age or background. They see their potential victims only as a commodity they can sell and sell and sell again. Sex trafficking is happening in every U.S. city from sea to shining sea and whether you want to believe it or not, your city is no different.

Fortunately, the blueprint exists for a city where every person and every business is aware of the problem and how to recognize and respond to it. That blueprint was created through years of research and experience and the result is Guardian Group’s Sealed City™ initiative.

A city can’t be sealed off from this illicit crime without everyone’s help. We at Guardian Group are here to help you lead the charge to Seal your city. Connect us with your local government officials, law enforcement and businesses.

Together we can and will rid your city of the cowards who prey on the innocent. Learn more on how you can help create a nurturing, encouraging and protected environment for the vulnerable in your community. Begin the work to becoming a Sealed City™ today.

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What is a Sealed City™

Being a Sealed City™ means your community is in the top echelon of safest communities nationwide. Visitors and Community members alike will recognize that sex trafficking is not acceptable and will be actively fought

These are just some of the benefits of a Sealed City™.

  • Promote economic development in – and more opportunity for – residents
  • Disrupt predators and traffickers to a point where they avoid your community, lowering crime rates
  • Provide education on the cycle of exploitation, potential threats and how to identify them
  • Train your community how to better protect themselves and our vulnerable population
  • Facilitate the prevention and restoration of victims to active community members


Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the Sealed City™ Program.

How does a Sealed City™ benefit me?
  • Eliminating sex trafficking from your city also eliminates associated crimes such as theft, drugs, assault and murder.
  • The absence of these crimes creates a safer environment for your cities most vulnerable, allowing them to grow confidence and flourish.
  • A safer city is a tourist-friendly city creating jobs and income to boost local economy.
Who do I contact about Sealing my city?

Creating a Sealed City™ requires a collaborative effort from everyone to be effective.  Reach out to Guardian Group and start bridging those gaps today!

  • City Council – Write letters to members of your City Council expressing your concern about the problem and your desire to protect the innocent in your community.
  • Law Enforcement – Call your local law enforcement and ask if they have received specific training on how to handle the crime of sex trafficking. If not, send them our way.
  • Corporations – Reach out to local businesses about using their platform and finances to support and safeguard the city their business calls “home.”
  • CSEC Response Team/Task Force – Your city should have a Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Response Team/Task Force. If they do, please let them know about the Sealed City™ initiative. If they don’t, reach out to Guardian Group about how to start one.
  • Guardian Group – Send us a message, telling us about your city and what challenges you see in Sealing your city.


“Guardian Group is a key ally in this fight, and their personal passion and professional approach to create innovative training resources and take a proactive approach to fighting child trafficking, is both impressive and groundbreaking.”

Philip Hyldgaard, A21 Executive Director

Sealed City™

Bend, Oregon
(July 2018)

Sealed County™

Douglas County, Oregon
(May, 2019)

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