Business Training Program

Guardian Group has created comprehensive training and educational tools to teach hospitality staff about sex trafficking and equip them to recognize and respond to suspected incidents.  With proper training, hotel staff are in a unique position to identify potential victims, thereby deterring future trafficking activities in their establishments.  An important component of the Hotel Human Trafficking Initiative is the Guardian Seal, a strong, readily recognized mark that will significantly deter would-be traffickers and remove this perceived safe haven for buyers. Ultimately, the goal of the training program is to ensure a better consumer experience at the hospitality business and to protect the business from inherent risks if and when an incident of human trafficking occurs.

Business Training
Professional Development

Professional Development

Specialized in-house tactical training and consulting, designed to empower Law Enforcement, DAs and Task Forces to combat trafficking. Guardian Group is a unique organization designed to train Law Enforcement and assist them with developing and implementing comprehensive counter trafficking strategies. This training has clear, measurable goals, integrates leadership with planning, fuses operations and intelligence, and is designed for application specific to the client and their desired results.

Open Source Intelligence Analysis

Capture indicators of human trafficking and provide prosecution packets to the appropriate agencies for response, investigation and follow-up, satisfying the need for obtaining and disseminating actionable information to the appropriate agency or organization. Through our networked organization we will enable Law Enforcement to illuminate, disrupt, and prosecute predators.

Open Source Intelligence Analysis
Partnership Facilitation

Partnership Facilitation

Provides a local solution to the human trafficking problem, through organizing working groups to help organizations, creating a unified response system to counter sex trafficking and coordinate rescue and restorations for victims. Guardian Group is a collaborative team that provides resources, expertise, and information with the goal of maximizing the ability to detect, illuminate, prevent, and deter predators.

We are dedicated to ending human sex trafficking, no matter what it takes. Failure is not an option while family members suffer around the country and abroad. Take a stand with us and together we can do this.



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