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October 2017

The front-line against human trafficking

As the seasons change from summer to fall, Guardian Group remains committed to a focused and measured pace as we expand our reach and influence through a growing number of partnerships and new opportunities. And, in response to many requests, we are also finally releasing our Guardian Group Gear for purchase. Click on the link to check it out!

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What do human trafficking victims look like and who are the perpetrators?

There are several roles within the sex trafficking industry that hold their own mythology. Below, you will find a few facts about each role that are meant to address some of the misconceptions within the public at large about the people involved in this industry.

The Trafficker:

  • Is an extremely dangerous and violent person who has mastered the art of conditioning victims  through deceit, punishment, and torture.
  • Is not concerned with the mental and physical health of his victim at all.
  • Values only the profit and money the victim can produce, and not the victim.



Sex trafficking, and particularly child sex trafficking, are very prevalent and serious issues within the U.S. today and are particularly prevalent within the hotel industry. Here are some red flags that hotel workers and management can look to make a difference and help in the fight.

Signs of Human Trafficking & Red Flags To Look For:

1.) Victims will often be checked into or be dropped off at a hotel by their trafficker at night.

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We are dedicated to ending human sex trafficking, no matter what it takes. Failure is not an option while family members suffer around the country and abroad. Take a stand with us and together we can do this.



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