The OFFENSIVE division of our strategy is our active involvement in the pursuit, apprehension, prosecution and incarceration of predators. Guardian Group works constantly to stop perpetrators before they act.



The DEFENSIVE component of our strategy focuses on providing recognition & response training to organizations in the private sector where sex trafficking occurs; specifically the travel, tourism, transportation, service, and hospitality industries. Guardian Group also focuses on training the public sector and the organizations tasked to stop sex trafficking, to include law enforcement, prosecutors, victim service providers and multi-disciplinary teams.

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Guardian Group (GG) is committed to an aggressive, comprehensive approach to taking the fight to human trafficking. The first part of our strategy focuses on providing training to the travel and hospitality industries.

The service industry is where the predators hide and it is an area we need to expose. The second part of the strategy is active involvement and assistance in the pursuit and apprehension of criminals. GG’s elite team of experienced professionals will be working with law enforcement and special agencies, primarily by augmenting their intelligence needs, so that they can apprehend and incarcerate predators involved in human trafficking. With that strategy in mind, we offer several specified programs we implement and execute.



Our impact to derail this industry is directly tied to the funds we are able to allocate to the cause. Simply put, the more funding we have the more good work we can do. All donations are directly utilized for fighting sex trafficking. Save a life and donate today.

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Give your business and your customers the best protection possible. Standing with Guardian Group protects your business to ensure that it is not a safe haven for the exploitation of others.

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The Fight Against Human Sex Trafficking Starts Here

Join Us! The Fight Against Human Sex Trafficking Starts Here

We are a team of former special operations military, law enforcement and intelligence community professionals, working to end sex trafficking in the United States.

Percent of Sex Trafficking Victims in the US are US Citizens
Billion Dollar A Year Industry
Less Than
Percent of Law Enforcement Have Any Human Trafficking Training
Less Than
Percent of traffickers are prosecuted


Everyone has what it takes to become a Guardian, unfortunately not everyone will choose to become one. Become a Guardian and join thousands of others in bringing the fight to sex trafficking. We will send you valuable information that is exclusive to our team on how you can help end sex trafficking in America.

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